Misdemeanor Bail Bonds in Copperas Cove, TX

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A misdemeanor is a crime that does not carry as much weight as felony, but can include a sentences that may be eligible for bail. These lesser kinds of crimes include acts like reckless driving, simple assault, public intoxication, vandalism, … Read More

Bail Bond Reform in Texas

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Bail Bond Reform in Texas Last Thanksgiving, a forty-one-year-old highway patrol trooper, Damon Allen, was shot and killed during a traffic stop. The incident occurred in Fairfield and the suspect, Dabrett Black was released on a fifteen thousand dollars bail. … Read More

Felony Bail Bonds in Copperas Cove, TX

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What is a Felony Crime? A felony is a crime that carries weighty consequences. The charges may look different based on the case, but there is a minimum of 366 day imprisonment. Felonies are very serious and when someone is … Read More

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