Bail Out a Friend Quickly With These Tips

If you have been arrested, you can speed up the bail bonds process by finding out what your bail amount is, getting a relative to help you and going directly to the bondsman rather than working with fax machines. However, those aren’t the only steps that you should take. If you are helping to bail a friend or relative out of jail, here are some additional tips to help you speed up the process.

1. Don’t Go to the Jail

When you hear that a loved one is being detained, you probably want to drive quickly to the jail so that you can help them in person. While your heart is in the right place, this move doesn’t help to speed things up. Your loved one may still be in processing, and the jail may refuse to give you information.
Instead, you may want to contact a bail bonds company to help you. These companies work with jails every day. They know how to find out the information you need, and they can help you to get the bail paid as quickly as possible.

2. Find Out the Relevant Details

When you arrange bail with a bail bonds company, the company directs the payment to the courts. To make that process as fast and hassle-free as possible, you need to be armed with the right information.
In addition to the bail amount, you will want your loved one’s full name, the name of the jail where they are being held, their booking number and the name of the crime of which they are accused.

3. Fill Out Forms in Advance

Find the forms that you need to get the bail bond. For example, at AA Best Bail Bonds, we have links to our forms on our website. Then, print out the forms and fill them out before you get to the bail bonds company.
You don’t have to do this, but doing so can help to speed things up. Once you complete the forms, the bond company has the necessary information to process the bond quickly.

4. Secure the Necessary Funds

When you work with a bail bonds company, you pay a fee for their services. Typically, this fee is a percentage of the total bail amount, but some companies may charge a minimum fee or a processing fee on top of the percentage-based fee.To get through the process as fast as possible, figure out how you are going to pay this fee. If you plan to pay it in cash, go to the ATM and make a withdrawal. If the fee is more than your daily withdrawal limit, you will need to do an over-the-counter withdrawal or contact your bank to temporarily raise the limit on your ATM card.
If you plan to pay with a credit card, make sure the bail bonds company accepts your type of card. Then double-check to ensure you have enough credit remaining on your card to cover the payment. Doing so will help you avoid issues.

5. Work With an Experienced Company

Finally, the bail bonds company you choose can also impact how fast the process goes. For the best results, you should choose a company that is experienced. You may want a company with multiple locations so that you can find a spot near you and waste less time driving.
If you have time, you may even want to look at a few online reviews. If other clients say the process was fast and easy, that’s a good sign. Ready to get started? Contact us today. At AA Best Bail Bonds, we have multiple locations and great prices.