Debunking Bail Bond Myths in Gatesville, TX

When your loved one gets arrested in Gatesville, bail bonds may help secure their pretrial release. However, bail bonds are surrounded by misinformation. This article clarifies some common bail bond myths heard around Gatesville.

Myth #1 – Bail Bonds Are Too Expensive
While bail amounts are set high, you don’t have to pay the full amount with a bail bond. Bond agents charge an affordable percentage as their non-refundable fee.

Myth #2 – Bondsmen Keep Your Collateral
Collateral is for incentive to show up in court. As long as you comply with the bond agreement, your collateral should be returned by the bondsman after the case ends.

Myth #3 – Bondsmen Can Revoke Your Bond
Only the court can revoke a bail bond and order rearrest. Bondsmen cannot remove a bail bond once posted without court approval.

Myth #4 – Skipping Bail Is No Big Deal
Skipping bail leads to new criminal charges, forfeited bonds, and higher bail rates. Jumping bail should be avoided at all costs.

Myth #5 – Bail Bonds Aren’t Regulated
Bail bondsmen must be licensed and obey laws on allowable fees and conduct. It’s a regulated industry with oversight.

Don’t let bail bond myths steer you wrong in Gatesville. Learn how bonds really work so you can make informed choices. Debunking bail misconceptions protects your loved one’s rights and saves you money.

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