So a Loved One Has Been Arrested…

It happens when you least expect it— the dreaded phone call that sends you into a panic. Your thoughts race and you don’t even know where to begin. Questions fill your mind: how did this happen? What do I do next? How can I help? All are valid concerns. We are here to give you practical steps in helping your loved one in this difficult bind.
  1. Stay Calm.
Your loved one is most likely in the midst of emotional turmoil. The number one way you can help is to accept the situation at hand and be responsible with your emotions. There may be anger rising or devastation when hearing this news, but the best way to continue is to support your loved one and respect everyone involved, including the officers involved in the arrest.
  1. Ask Questions.
When talking with your loved one or the officers at the police station, it is crucial to collect important information such as where the defendant is held in custody, name of the police agency, and what the charges are. Find out what legal rights your loved one has in your state. Click here for information about Texas’ arresting process.
  1. Call a Lawyer.
A criminal defense lawyer will best know how to handle the case and what the next steps should be. Remind your loved one that it is a good idea to not give word until the lawyer is present as to not further complicate the situations.
  1. Contact AA Best Bail Bonds.
Contact us! Your loved one can By purchasing a bail bond, you will be spending roughly 10% of the bail amount— this will ensure security without completely breaking the bank. For more information about our process, click here.
When a loved one is arrested, life can feel like it suddenly turned completely upside down. Stress and worry can cloud your mind, but AA Best Bail Bonds is here to help you during this difficult time!